An activity that includes a connection with nature, good company, clean air and other benefits for body and mind is – hiking!

Hiking seven hours a week means reducing the chance of early death by as much as 40 percent.

Going to the mountains with company is more than a sport. All hikers will agree that it is a way of life and an escape from stressful everyday life, and the fresh mountain air encourages the adoption of healthy habits and helps you solve a number of health problems and diseases.

This non-competitive sport can be practiced by young and old, sick and healthy, and those with little or a lot of fitness. Everyone can adjust the difficulty and rhythm of the ascent and the path according to their own goals and possibilities. Those who are in top form will run steep ascents, while those in poorer condition will take an easy walk towards the top, enjoying nature.

Another positive thing about hiking is that it opens new horizons for you and encourages you to realize potential that you may not have even known you had. For lovers of nature and healthy living, this is an ideal activity because it includes beautiful landscapes, good company and care for your own body.

Hiking is an aerobic type of exercise and there is no need to be afraid of losing your breath because it does not have to be of strong intensity. Aerobic exercise is great because it enriches our muscles with oxygen and improves our endurance and strength of the body.

Climbing to higher elevations increases the amount of clean, fresh air, and the body breathes deeper and so the body speeds up metabolism, which is a positive thing for our blood pressure, heart, circulation, sleep, increased good cholesterol and toxin excretion. You will burn 370 calories in one hour of hiking.

Hiking as an exercise has a great effect on our bones and joints. It improves bone density and reduces arthritis pain. As this is an exercise that involves carrying your own weight where the muscles are tightened, hiking helps prevent the development of osteoporosis, especially because the body receives vitamin D through the sun’s rays, which are good for bones.