With nice and warm weather, outdoor activities become an unavoidable pastime for many

They involve more, so while some choose to lie for a walk or play like football, others are more attracted to activities that involve a hiking stick.

The hiking pole is a convenient and useful prop for anyone who decides to train outdoors, and which also includes exploring the outside world.

Did you know that hiking poles can’t be tightened? They have a rotating tensioning mechanism, with the help of which the rods can be shortened and extended to the desired length.

It is also possible for only part of the rod to rotate without tightening the next part. Such a rod can no longer be used because it no longer provides firm support and cannot be adjusted.

It is possible to pull out the parts via the MAX mark until a rod with a plastic expander can be seen through the hole of the wider rod.

The expander can be grasped with the fingers and turn the thinner part of the rod in a clockwise direction until it is felt that the grip has started to increase, that is, that the expander has started to expand. The removed part of the rod is then pushed into the next part and turned so that it can be tightened.

If nothing has changed, it is possible that there is dirt on the surface of the expander that prevents tightening or that the thread has rusted, which prevents the screw from expanding and turning inside the expander.

No matter what happened, the solution is to remove the expander from the thread and pull the narrower part of the rod out of the wider one and start rotating counterclockwise.

The thread is then cleaned with steel wool and lubricated with grease used on bicycles. The use of WD-40 as well as rare oils is not recommended. The outer part of the plastic expander is sanded with fine sandpaper, which will help to grip the inner part of the rod more firmly. In the end, it is enough to assemble the stick and use it while you are outdoors.