You have decided to go hiking, but you don’t know what to take with you?

This is by no means a small problem, quite the opposite. Without preparation, you shouldn’t even think about leaving because hiking is an extremely dangerous sport. Therefore, appropriate clothing, equipment and complete readiness are something without which you cannot succeed in your plan.

Much depends on the choice of mountaineering equipment. The height of the mountain itself, the temperatures that can occur, weather conditions, or troubles, and the readiness of mountaineers. For a beginner, it is by no means wise to go hiking completely alone. He should have an expert escort who will watch his movements, help him if he needs the same help and point out the mistakes he makes when climbing.

Many people go hiking recreationally, which is more than dangerous. They do not have the necessary equipment or experience, and this is an incompatible combination that is life-threatening for anyone who decides to use it. You will need a large hiking bag for hiking. In it you will have all the little things you need when climbing, walking and descending from the mountain.

Also have spare parts for certain aids such as a walking stick, sneakers, clothes and a hat. It is wiser to have two pairs of clothes than none. Various accidents can happen on the way, you can fall and tear your clothes, get wet or get stuck in the snow. In the hiking backpack, in addition to spare items and clothing, there should be a flashlight, a rope, a knife, a slightly larger knife, a supply of food, drinks, a jacket, personal documents such as an ID card, passport or wallet. You also need to bring medication, especially if you suffer from a chronic illness, a compass and first aid kits.

Before saving for the trip, write down all the things you intend to bring. That way you won’t forget anything because it could cause big and serious problems, especially if you realize you’re missing something when it’s already late and impossible to go back.